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Snicker lost her Knickers !!

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Snicker lost her Knickers !! Empty Snicker lost her Knickers !!

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:29 pm

I have just let Snicker in after a night spent on the tiles, she flew the coup yesterday at some time between 4 and 7pm, we noticed she was missing at feeding time, with all the comings and goings yesterday with puppy pick ups, she slipped out without being noticed Mad This can mean only one thing.........We will be having kittens again in about 9 weeks Rolling Eyes the fact that the Father of the last litter was sat on the roof of the puppy pen, much to the outrage of all our dogs just confirmed this.

We did want her to have more kittens, but not yet, if she is pregnant this time it will only be about 7 months since her last litter when she gives birth, that would be terrible for a dog Evil or Very Mad

I am a bit concerned it's happened so soon, so I did some trawling of the net this morning, apparently this is totally acceptable with cats, the recommendation is to let them have two litters per year for 2-3 years then have them spayed at the age of 4 years ( this is the advice on pedigree planned matings, not moggies lol ) So healthwise she should be fine, cos she's raw fed this will help tremendously.

So.............nine weeks from last night scratch We are looking at kitties being born about 19th November....bugger, the house will smell like a cat litter tray at much for forward planning lol!


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