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Our Re-homing Policy

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Our Re-homing Policy Empty Our Re-homing Policy

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:17 pm

If you ever reach a stage in your life, where your circumstances change and you can no longer look after your Krisannrio pup, we offer a complete re-homing service, which is free of charge.

We will find a new home for your pup/dog.

The new owner will be welcomed into the fold and encouraged to stay in contact with us.

We prefer that the dog stay in your care until a great home has been located, but we also realise that circumstances sometimes dictate that this is not possible, if this happens to you, then we will ALWAYS bring our puppy/dog home, and here he/she will remain until we find a suitable home.

Rather like adoption, we will not disclose the location of the new owner to the old owner, and vice versa.

We will however, keep the previous owners informed of their dogs progress with the new owners (depending on the old owner springs to mind who does not deserve to be kept informed, and isn't !!)

I hope that this never happens to you and your dog enjoys and spends it's whole life with you, but life being life, we never know what is around the corner and this is just another step we take to help protect and care for any puppies we have produced and the service is here for you should you ever find yourselves in a position where you need it xxx


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