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You can now feel Vienna's puppies moving.....

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You can now feel Vienna's puppies moving..... Empty You can now feel Vienna's puppies moving.....

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:44 pm

Around inside her and it feels like they are all having a party, I just hope their aren't too many invited lol! When she lies flat her belly is dancing hehe.

I am guestimating a delivery date of 4th or 5th October, so we are well into the 10 day countdown, just had to pull the silly mare in from out the back, she was only having a wrestling match with Laska and one of the tyres !! She's still trying to run round like a spring chicken, hasn't really slowed down yet lol and is still trying to eat for England !!

I will start to plot her temperature soon...well, in a few days and this will be taken 3 times a day, when her temperature stays significantly under 100 for a 24 hour period, then the pups will be on their way cheers xx


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